Daily Deals CY is a voucher website offering discounts on the goods and services of local merchants.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our support. If you have any questions about Daily Deals or concerns about your order, please contact us:

Tel: +357 99760866 or email: support@dailydealscy.com


(Scroll further down for how to become a Daily Deals Merchant, EVENTS and PROPERTY help)

  • Browse the Daily Deals website, select and pay for your deal
  • You will immediately receive an email confirming your order with a Daily Deals voucher (containing a voucher code) attached
  • Give your voucher code to your merchant in exchange for your deal

The Menu:

  • HOME – takes you to the Home page of the website
  • ALL DEALS – takes you to a page showing all of our deals – you can filter these by category, location and price
  • EVENTS – takes you to a list of all our events and allows you to create and review your own events (if you are signed in to your account)
  • PROPERTY - takes you to a list of properties for rent and allows you to add and review your own properties (if you are signed in to your account)
  • LOG IN  – where you log in to your account or create a new one. When you are logged in this menu item changes to MY ACCOUNT
  • HELP – get some help with anything to do with Daily Deals

Your Daily Deals voucher:

  • When you buy a Daily Deal you will receive an Order receipt with a Voucher attached.
  • The voucher contains the code you will need when you contact the merchant to get your deal.
  • Your receipt is sent as soon as your payment has cleared – almost always this is straight away –  don’t forget to check your Junk mail if you can’t find it.
  • The voucher also reminds you what you need to do to receive your goods or services

Daily Deals account:

  • With Daily Deals, you do not have to create or log in to your account to make a purchase
  • However, it is usually a good idea to do so, as all your details are remembered for next time and will not have to be filled out again
  • Creating your own account also allows you to gain reward points, submit your own deals and submit events to the Events hub

To create an account:

  • Click on LOG IN from the main menu
  • If you are already a customer or merchant, then just Login using your same email address and password
  • If you are not a customer and would like to Create an Account, then just enter your email address
  • If you would like to become a merchant, click on Register as a Daily Deals Merchant and fill out your Registration details.



To become a merchant:

  • Click on LOG IN or MY ACCOUNT from the main menu
  • Click on Become a Daily Deals Merchant
  • Fill out your Registration details

Redeeming a customer's voucher:

  • Daily Deals only pays merchants for vouchers that have been redeemed.
  • In most cases, you will need to redeem your customer vouchers, normally within 30 days.
  • When someone buys a voucher for your goods or services, they will need to give you the Voucher Code that is printed on their voucher.
  • The code is made up of an Order ID, followed by a dash and a further 6 characters e.g. 51636-vT3gVS

To redeem the voucher:

  • From your Merchant Dashboard, select Redeem Vouchers
  • Enter the Voucher Code in the box and click Check It
  • The system will check that the voucher is valid and that you are authorised to redeem it
  • If so, the details of the purchase will appear – scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Redeem

If you enter the wrong code, the voucher is no longer valid (because it has already been redeemed or is out of date) or it does not relate to your store, you will get the message “Voucher code doesn’t exist.”

If the voucher code is correct and for your store but you are not authorised to redeem it, details of the purchase will be shown but there will be no Redeem button at the bottom of the screen.

The customer voucher also contains a QR code. If your mobile device can scan the QR code, you will be taken to a link to your Daily Deals Merchant Account.

If you are logged in to your account and the code is valid (as above), you will be able to redeem it from your mobile device.

Submitting a Deal:

You must be a Merchant to submit a deal. The deal you submit must offer a genuine discount.

There are two ways to submit a deal:

You can either send the information to Daily Deals (info@dailydealscy.com)


Submit a deal through your Merchant dashboard:

  • When you log in as a Merchant, you will be taken to your Merchant Dashboard
  • From this menu, select Deals - then select Add New

Fill in as much of the Deal form as you feel able to do. Don’t worry if it’s not complete. We will take care of that for you and send you a preview of your deal before it goes live to make sure you are happy.

Filling in the form:

  • Give your Deal a title
  • Add its discounted Daily Deal price
  • In Highlights & Fine Print add a sentence to explain what your deal is about and any Fine print that the user needs to know upon purchasing a voucher (e.g. only one voucher per person, vouchers must be used within 30 days, vouchers not valid with any other offer)
  • In Description, add as much detail as you can about your goods or services
  • In Redeem Instructions, add any information that the customer will need in order to be able to redeem their voucher with you (e.g. a contact number, email address or link to your website)
  • On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a clickable block where you can upload an image for your deal.
  • Under this, there is a smaller block where you can add a further image. To add a third or more image, just click on the + sign to add another block
  • Under this you can tick the categories to which your Deal applies
  • You can also drop-down a list of locations that your deal applies to

If there is anything else you need to explain to us about your deal, just add it to the description and we will sort it out.

When you are ready, click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW

We will then look at your deal, make any necessary changes and send you a preview.


The Daily Deals EVENTS HUB promotes your events in Cyprus.

To add an event you need to have a Merchant Account.

Our thousands of customers, newsletter subscribers and followers on social media can view and book your events:

  • A concert, play or sporting event
  • A charity, fete or open-day
  • A public service or education opportunity
  • Anything that has a specific date associated with it

It’s super-easy and free to add an event:

  • Sign in to your Daily Deals account
  • From the EVENTS menu, click on ADD EVENT
  • Add the details of your event
  • You can ask Daily Deals to sell your tickets (fee applies - see below)
  • *You can ask Daily Deals to create a seating plan for your event so your customers can pick where they sit (fee applies)
  • Submit your event for approval

It’s free to advertise your event on the EVENT HUB

  • The Daily Deals EVENTS HUB can sell TICKETS for your event – we charge a success fee (1.6% of the ticket price + €0.72 + 5% VAT) for each ticket sold
  • *Daily Deals can create a SEATING PLAN so that customers can choose where they sit
  • As event organiser, you always have easy access to who has bought a ticket for your event
  • To create or manage an event, you must be logged in to Daily Deals
  • If you want us to sell tickets for your event – you must have a Daily Deals Merchant account.
  • All submitted events are subject to approval by Daily Deals before they appear in the EVENTS HUB
  • For further information or if you want additional facilities, please contact Daily Deals here or on 99760866

*Coming soon


The PROPERTY DEALS service aims to put good tenants in touch with good landlords, promoting fair rents and responsible tenants.

The service also aims to match prospective buyers with property owners, promoting fair prices and avoiding commissions.

  • All of our prospective buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants must agree to our PROPERTY DEALS CY Fairness Charter.
  • In order to add a property to the Property Deals service, you must register a Property Deals account
  • You will receive an email when your registration is approved
  • To add a property you must sign in with your Property Deals account

Please note that your Property Deals account is separate from your Daily Deals account.

To create a Property Deals account, please sign out of any other Daily Deals account.

Select PROPERTY from the main menu. Select REGISTER and complete the form.

You will receive an email when your registration is approved.

You must sign in with your Property Deals account if you wish to add, edit or delete a property.

You cannot manage your properties / property requirements if you are signed in with your normal Daily Deals account.

  • Once your property / requirement has been approved, it will be displayed on the website
  • Prospective owners / buyers / tenants can then get in touch with you via a contact form connected to your property entry

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