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45 minute Past Life Oracle Online Reading

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  • 45-minute reading (through Google Meet, Zoom or Whatsapp videocall)
  • Cleansing process for clearing energies from the decks
  • Shuffling and the spread (to validate the reading)
  • Reading/interpretation and the answers to your questions
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    Dear Light Seeker, the past-life lessons spread is designed to illuminate lingering energies from your previous lives that may still influence your present experiences, or that may help you in navigating your current lessons. It seeks to uncover elements from your past lives that can assist your spiritual growth, overcome obstacles, or unveil your life’s purpose. Rather than focusing on negative aspects, its aim is to connect you with the strengths and talents cultivated across your previous existences. Additionally, it may shed light on a current challenge rooted in a previous incarnation, providing guidance on how to address its source and facilitate healing.

    This reading is meant to give you some inspiration and insights into your soul’s journey and mission in this lifetime.

    The 45-minute reading (through Google Meet, Zoom or WhatsApp videocall) includes:

    ·       the cleansing process for clearing energies from the decks

    ·       the shuffling and the spread (to validate the reading)

    ·       the reading/interpretation and the answers to your questions

    I will use different oracle decks to gain clarity and guidance about your questions and your specific situation. I may also use zodiac signs and initials drawing, charms, and my very unique method with dice. I will explain step by step what I am doing. 

    Disclaimer: (i) Readings are for entertainment purpose only; they are intended for giving you inspiration and insights. (ii) All information is strictly confidential. (iii) Tarot and oracle readings are best approached with an open mind and heart. These readings have the potential to illuminate aspects of our lives that may be hidden from view, providing insight into both the present and the future. They serve as a guiding compass, helping us navigate life’s journey. It’s important to remember that, ultimately, you hold the power of choice and free will in your hands.

    About me

    Tarot and oracle readers can take as many courses as they want, but what will make the difference is their intuition, their connection to their guides, their psychicabilities. As far as I am concerned, I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader, deeply connected to spirituality and the inner self. My experience in readings is a natural result of my spiritual journey.

    One doesn’t choose to read the cards, one is called to do it.

    But anyway, sometimes also a technical training matters, and mine comes from both self-teaching, and from Centre of Excellence online diploma (40-hour course).


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