Arabic for Beginners Diploma Course

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Learn to speak Arabic
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Learn to Speak Arabic

Certified and Accredited Course

What Will You Learn?

Learn basic Arabic skills that will enable you to go through daily life, navigate a variety of situations, and have meaningful conversations with speakers of Arabic.

Learn the alphabet, the sounds of Arabic and how to read the language. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the basics, including word and sentence formation, and how to use and form pronouns, verb patterns and tenses, adjectives, and plurals.

You’ll learn how to ask questions, make (and decline) requests politely, use common greetings, start a conversation, and introduce yourself. You’ll also learn essentials such as using numbers, telling the time, and setting dates.

This course:

  • Includes a downloadable audio version of each module (10 in total)
  • Provides simple explanations, useful examples and effective activities
  • Ensures understanding with assessment questions
  • Helps you learn to read Arabic text
  • Aids you in becoming capable of having a basic conversation in Arabic
  • Sets the foundation for advanced study
Course Syllabus

Module 1: The Arabic Alphabet – 4 parts

Module 2: Arabic Letter Forms – 4 parts

Module 3: Prepositions, Gender Nouns and Demonstrative Pronouns – 4 parts

Module 4: Nominal and Verbal Sentences, and Interrogation – 3 parts

Module 5: Greetings, Introducing Yourself and Common Arabic Particles – 4 parts

Module 6: Personal Pronouns and Relative Pronouns – 3 parts

Module 7: Nouns, Singular and Plural, and Adjectives – 4 parts

Module 8: Verb Patterns – 3 parts

Module 9: Negation and Declination – 4 parts

Module 10: Daily Life in Arabic – 5 parts


Who Would Benefit from This Course?

The Arabic for Beginners Diploma Course has been created for those who have had little or no interaction with the language. You’ll be introduced to the language from the ground up and work your way to being able to read basic Arabic text and feeling comfortable having a simple conversation with native Arabic speakers, using structurally correct sentences.

If you’ve had some experience with Arabic but lack confidence, this course will solidify your knowledge and lay the foundations from which you can build upon with advanced study – further enriching your vocabulary with more Arabic words and phrases and learning advanced grammatical rules.

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