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Focus iiis Alarm and 4 Channel CCTV Hub

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Focus iiis Alarm and 4 Channel CCTV Hub
  • Buy this for your Villa / house / shop / business / office
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Focus iiis Alarm and 4 Channel CCTV Hub

The latest system to hit the market is this fantastic Alarm/ CCTV / Smart home hub. Everything you need in a single package.

What is it?

It is a wireless alarm system to protect your property plus a four-channel CCTV system to keep a constant monitor of your property and record evidence. You can see all this on your Smartphone or tablet, or PC. Plus, Smart home control in one small-sized unit. Back-up battery, SIM card slot, Memory card slot, Network connection, LED front light indicators, Hard wired connections, Connect your existing ONVIF compliant cameras.

Plus, send you or others programmed into the Hub SMS messages, Phone Calls, Internet notifications, and show live & recorded video.

This system can connect to a SmartHub enabled monitoring station. We have Smart Hub monitoring.

Buy this for your Villa / house / Office / shop / business.

This offer is for:

  1.  1 x Smart HUB
  2. 4 x PIR motions sensors
  3.  2 x Door contacts
  4.  2 x Remote controls
  5.  1 x Interior Siren with English Voice
  6.  All Batteries
  7. Installation kits for all items
  8. Instructions.
  9. FREE Collection from our shop or pay courier on delivery.

Who buys this?

Anyone who is needing a quality security system. E.g. house, shop, a business where you are looking for an easy-to-use system with advanced features.

What do I need for this system?

To make the best use of this system, we recommended that you have a wired internet connection. However, to use the alarm part of the system to make phone calls and send SMS messages, an internet connection is not needed. If you plan to add CCTV and internet later then, this is for you. Plus, AC power is required.

What makes it so good?

Traditionally alarm systems and CCTV are sold separately and cost a fortune. They don’t communicate with each other and take up lots of space and wires everywhere. This system is a single unit that is small and only requires a network connection and a power connection—no messy cables all over the place.

All the critical notifications get transmitted to the FREE app on your Smartphone or tablet. We even have software for your pc.

This system combines both alarm & CCTV in one unit, but in a new way. CCTV cameras are now part of an overall security solution. When a sensor is triggered, the CCTV can make a unique recording of what went on.

The regular recordings are stored on memory within the cameras. At the same time, the alarm recordings are stored within the HUB. A Hub connected to our CMS will report alarm conditions bringing up the location of the HUB and the sensor that was triggered and the live CCTV view of the camera that is bound in software to the sensor. The recordings can be accessed for evidence if needed from the HUB.

Trigger events can switch Smart Switches. Outside lights, heating, air-conditioning, etc…

Can I install this system?

Yes. For the competent installer. In addition, we will have installation manuals and How to do it videos.

Do I need an electrician?

  • No! This system has a plug-in power supply. So no need to do any electrical work!
  • If the power is disconnected, the alarm will let you know. “AC failure” and when it comes back on. “AC Recovered”

What if I need help?

  • The instruction manual.
  • Online instructions are available. Soon we will have Video instructions.
  • Phone support is available.

Why does it cost less than other local suppliers?

  • We buy direct from the manufactures and pass the cost savings on to you.

What kind of sensors are used with this system?

They are sensors that are just made for this system. But don’t worry, they cost less than the others and are smaller. They don’t look ugly like some of the sensors can.

You can have Door contact, PIR motion sensors, Siren, Remote controls, Cameras for inside and cameras for outside, Perimeter beams, and more.

I have pets. Will that be a problem?

No, our motion detection sensors are pet tolerant up to 25KGS. So unless you keep a horse or donkey in your house, you should be ok. We also have sensor linking that can also help eliminate any chance of false detection.

These alarms are from China. Are they any good?

  • Our suppliers are multi-award-winning security product suppliers with over 25 years in the industry.
  • All the products are manufactured by them in-house.
  • All with the CE mark and licensed for Europe and the USA markets
  • We are in daily contact with them.
  • The chances are that you are looking at this page with a phone or PC made in China. iPhone, Android Tablets, etc…
  • The TV you watch and many other good gadgets are made in China.

Do I get a warranty?

  • Yes! 12 months on all parts and except batteries and SIM cards.

What should I buy?

  • Download your free book to see how to check your property security. Click Here!
  • How many entrances do you have downstairs? Add a door contact for each one?
  • How many rooms do you have downstairs? Add a PIR for each one? PIR sensors will detect approx 12m x 12m area
  • Are there any easy access points upstairs? If so, add sensors in locations where a burglar would enter? E.g., Balcony, Carport with access to a window, etc.
  • We have various kits. See which one suits your property most.

How do I install the system?

  • Follow the instructions. But the best advice is to test all the sensor and panel locations before you make the installation. So that you know, there will be no issues with signal strength between the panel and sensors, siren, etc.

What if I have more questions?

Please call Andy on +357 97883623

What if I want to install these systems as a business?

  1. We can provide better rates if you buy a few systems at a time.
  2. You can have your own monitoring panel that will allow you to control the systems you install remotely from your phone or PC.
  3. You can see all the systems you have installed and sold monitoring contracts to the customer. It will bring you extra revenue.
  4. All systems see on your phone separated into your areas of installation.

Who would you be buying from?

We are IPTEL Private Security Ltd based in Kato Paphos.

The Cyprus police licence us for advice, Sales, installation, service and monitoring of security systems.

We have been in the security, surveillance and loss prevention industry for over 35 years and qualified to City & Guilds in security, electronics, installations and IP systems.

More information: call 97883623 or

Contact Drew on +357 97883623 with your voucher details

Please note: We will process your order within 48 hours. However, this stock is limited. Once we have used the stock, we will re-order it from the manufacturer. The lead time for restocking this item is approximately 3 weeks.

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