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Introduction to Astronomy Online Course

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  • Know more about the night sky in our fascinating Introduction to Astronomy course online
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    Know more about the night sky around you in our fascinating Introduction to Astronomy course online.

    Look up to the sky and recognize the thousands of twinkling star patterns.

    “Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are.” Next time you look up at the starlit night sky, you’ll know exactly what stars and constellations you’re seeing.

    It’s hard to imagine something that’s billions of years old. But the Universe is believed to be around 13 billion years old. So there’s an endless amount of fascinating information to discover about planets, stars, comets, galaxies, meteors, asteroids and black holes, and so much more!

    What is astronomy?

    Astronomy is defined by NASA as the study of stars, planets, and space. It’s a huge topic and one where you’ll never stop learning. New planets, stars, and moons are being discovered all the time. New theories are put forward about the Universe, life on other planets and whether humans can live on Mars.

    You can join in these amazing debates once you’ve studied Introduction to Astronomy.

    Look up at the sky and read the stars

    In our fascinating course, you’ll look at the night sky in a whole new light! Find out:

    • How to read the sky to understand more about the moon and planets
    • How to identify those amazing shooting stars
    • About observing meteor showers
    • More about the Big Bang theory
    • About the Zodiac and astrology
    • How to know what stars are in the sky

    How does the Universe affect you?

    Could there be life on other planets? What are black holes? Are asteroids dangerous? You’ll find out once you delve into our course.

    The Earth is a tiny speck in the colossal Universe. Find out how activity in Space has an impact on our lives. Learn to read the ‘clues’ by seeing the bigger picture that’s all around us.

    Enjoy the sky at night with a greater understanding of how the universe impacts us all. Be able to tell engaging stories about the history of the planet. Easily identify some stars and planets with the naked eye and others with astronomers’ equipment. Know more about the various structures of the solar system.

    Learn astronomy online in your own time.

    We’re your flexible learning partner. Our course is online so you can study at any time and from anywhere, on any device.

    Start studying our Astronomy for Beginners course online today. Your friends and family will be astounded by your newfound knowledge of life and the universe.

    What You’ll Learn

    Students who complete this course in Astronomy and Sky Watching will be able to:

    • name and identify planets and dwarf planets and their location in the solar system

    • know the names of the various star formations in the night sky

    • understand the difference between astrology and astronomy

    • understand how the Zodiac calendar and map interacts with the planets

    • identify how the Earth is affected by moon phases, how the calendar predicts the type of moon that will occur, and how to best view the lunar eclipses that take place in the sky

    • really tell if you are witnessing a shooting star, a comet, or some other structure from the Earth’s atmosphere

    • gain a greater understanding and knowledge of astronomical history and major events such as the Big Bang, Halley’s Comet, and if black holes and asteroids are truly a danger to life on Earth

    • What life forms exist on other planets

    Learn more here


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