Spanish for Beginners Diploma Course – Informative and Effective

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A simple and fun way to learn to read, write and speak Spanish
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A simple and fun way to learn to read, write and speak Spanish

Certified and Accredited Course

What Will You Learn?

A language of passion, romance, community, family, and living life to its fullest, Spanish is one of the most widely-used languages in the world. This Diploma Course provides a simple and fun way to learn to read, write and speak Spanish, using theoretical and practical topics that are ideal for beginners.

This course, offered by CoE through Daily Deals, provides simple explanations, useful examples and activities divided into 10 exciting modules, each of which is accompanied by an audio version of the module to ensure accurate comprehension and 20 assessment questions per module to test understanding.

The Course starts by introducing you to greetings – both formal and informal. You’ll learn how to use the verbs ‘ser’, ‘estar’ and ‘tener’ to construct sentences and become familiar with all of the ways to say goodbye in Spanish.

We’ll go through the alphabet – a basic but necessary subject to grasp in order to understand texts and build written and oral sentences. You’ll also learn how to write numbers and tell the time.

You’ll learn how to order food and drinks and discover vocabulary and useful examples that you can use while on holiday or business trips.

The course explains how to give (and ask for) personal information such as your name, address, age, nationality, and other details that will help you to interact with native speakers.

As you progress through the course, you’ll enrich your vocabulary and grammar and be able to speak with confidence about your occupation or profession and be able to address and talk about various family members by their relationship to you or others.

You’ll learn how to describe people by their traits, such as their personality, physical appearance and clothing, and extend your vocabulary further by learning how to describe colours.

The course concludes by explaining how to use formal and informal ways of addressing people, in order for you to be able to differentiate between being polite and less formal.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Greetings and Introductions – 5 parts

Module 2: The Alphabet – 4 parts

Module 3: Personal Information – 7 parts

Module 4: Ordering Foods and Drinks – 4 parts

Module 5: Professions – 4 parts

Module 6: Numbers and How to Tell the Time in Spanish – 4 parts

Module 7: The Family – 6 parts

Module 8: Describing People – 6 parts

Module 9: Colours – 4 parts

Module 10: Formal and Informal Ways of Addressing People – 5 parts


Who Would Benefit from This Course?

The Spanish for Beginners Diploma Course is for anyone who is completely new to the language and would like to learn from the ground up.

You’ll quickly gain a good comprehension of the basics and practical, useful language that can be used straight away to ask simple questions and give answers in order to start small conversations with any Spanish speaker.

This said, if you have some familiarity with Spanish, this course will help you to solidify your knowledge and give you a solid foundation in order to build sentences in masculine and feminine and use singular and plural language.

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